Shades of Pink | Dubai Family Photographer

Beach Family Session in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Being the mother to a wonderful little toddler, I understand parents' concerns when booking photoshoots about kids not cooperating during the shoot, about money going to waste, and about the photographer not being able to get any good shots. While there are times when it is best advised to reschedule a shoot, for example, a kid being sick, running a fever, post vaccinations, etc. for the most part, kids are just young adults and it is about finding the right language, and incentives to get them to semi-cooperate. This is why I am absolutely a huge supporter of documentary style family photography. Not only do you allow your family to be completely within their element, but you are also opening up yourself to so many options of some great, non-traditional family portraits, of moments that will never be re-lived again. I wish I can share more from this beautiful, beautiful family beach session, but I will leave it to your imagination.. to take you on the beautiful journey we had together on that glorious sun-kissed, Dubai morning.