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Beach Family Photography Session in Dubai, UAE


I remember when I met Erica and Dan for this session, we talked a lot about our experiences as expats in Dubai. Seeing as I was raised in the United Arab Emirates, and spent most of my life here, I always love hearing about other people's experiences, and find that almost 90% of the time, people who move here, always find it really hard to leave once they've settled down. The beauty of living in the UAE is the safety, the convenience, and the fact that we get to raise our kids in a truly multicultural society, and have the rare ability to raise them to be really open and accepting. Lucky for Taylor, he gets to have such an incredible experience to look back on when he's older. Not only that, but it will be the place where he started one of the most exciting chapters of his life: becoming a big brother for the very first time. How incredibly exciting! 


About Lana Photographs by Lana Abu-Shaheen

Lana Abu-Shaheen is a Dubai family photographer and birth photographer offering in-home and on-location sessions and specializing in documentary and lifestyle photography. If you are looking for a photographer in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates to document your family's story, or any important event or milestone, please contact her for a session

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