Baby Boy Oliver's Newborn Session | Dubai Newborn Photography Session

What I love about Dubai is the fact that it’s a huge cultural melting pot. People come here as individuals, open to a world of new experiences, and sometimes they get lucky and meet the loves of your lives :) Being a Dubai Newborn Photographer gives me a small peak into many people’s lives, which is something I find SO interesting and curious. I love analyzing family dynamics, watching people fall in love with their little ones, or fall in love all over again with their loved ones. Life is too short, and it is meant to be enjoyed.

Baby Oliver, here, is the cute result of a multicultural love, he’s half Polish half Romanian and 100% adorable.

I love at home newborn shoots. I say it all the time, I KNOW! But i just love them. The pictures will almost always be guaranteed to look and feel different, and guaranteed to have a relaxed vibe.