The Birth of Arlo | Dubai Birth Photographer

Time after time I sit at my laptop, after the end of every session, to gather my thoughts and write up a little blog post honoring the experience I just shared with new friends. I always know exactly what I want to say. Today, things are a little different. Not in a bad way.

Not at all. 

As I sat down to write little Arlo's birth story, I truly couldn't come up with the right words to describe the pure joy I witnessed documenting the events that lead up to his arrival. What can I say to this little boy about how his brave mom labored marvelously for 12 hours before he showed up? How she fought with every fiber of her being to bring him earth-side. How his father never left his mom's side throughout the entire day. How when he (Arlo) was finally welcomed into the room, emotions were so high strung that there were tears in MY eyes. 

Nothing I can SAY can truly capture the emotion of the day, and that is why birth photography is so incredibly special. Sometimes you can't TELL people that something is special, you have to SHOW them. 

Jen and Rob, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy, Arlo! It was an honor being your birth and newborn photographer here in Dubai, and I cannot wait to see you all again.

A very special thank you to Dr. George Michailidis and to all the nurses and midwives at Mediclinic City Hospital. It was lovely working with you all again!