A White Maternity Session | Dubai Maternity Photographer

Before jetting off to Chicago last summer, I had the distinct pleasure of shooting a maternity and newborn combination session for Thuraya and Eyad’s growing family. This lovely couple was expecting their second baby girl, six years after their first born was born, so you can imagine just how special and exciting of a time this was for everyone involved.

Thuraya has impeccable taste, both with her fashion as well as her home. Her maternity session was a dream to capture. I often advice my families not to wear 100% matching colors and outfits. Why? Because when do people ever wear exactly the same thing when they are seen in public? Rarely, if ever. Everyone has their own personality and expresses it through their own fashion sense. So the only directive I provide is to wear complimentary colors and styles, no loud prints, logos or stripes (stripes look weird on video). And boy did Thuraya and her family score.


A Dubai Desert Maternity Shoot | Dubai Maternity Photographer

The Dubai desert is one of my FAVORITE backdrops for a dubai maternity photography session. It’s neutral, it’s got just enough greenery to make it look interesting and not completely baren, and it’s simple enough to make any subject you put in front of it pop. As a photographer, you have to work a bit harder to bring out your client’s real emotions, but that is exactly what I love about it all.

We barely had any sun for this particular session, but it worked out just fine. When the sun did come out though, we milked it as much as we could, and walked away with some awesome memories and photos.