Exist in Photographs for Your Family | Dubai Family Photographer

I wanted to share an article that I recently read online. It moved me, and apparently moved so many thousands of other readers and moms around the world. I totally understand why. It is raw, and real, and hits really close to home for so many parents. Personally, for a long time, I thought maybe it was just me going through this, adjusting to my new role as mommy, not embracing the changes I saw in myself. The effects of lack of sleep, hours on hours of nursing a newborn. No time to shower, no time to eat, no time to do a million things I used to be able to do so freely. At anytime. But it's not just me. It's the case for many of us. A few months ago, as I looked back on my son's first year of life, and realized I had a handful of proper photographs of us together, I made a commitment to him, and to myself; I need to exist more in his photographs. Not just in selfies. In proper photographs. So I have been working on it. If not in photos then definitely in videos, but progress is being made! I encourage you all, moms and dads, to exist in photos. For your children, for their children. For your parents and siblings. One day, and I hope it is a long time from now, we will all pass away and the one thing our loved ones will hold onto are our photographs and the beautiful memories that we were able to make together. Mother's Day is coming up, and with it, the return of the Mommy and Me sessions, so be sure to book your spot. It's a wonderful way to start!

With love,