Reasons to Hire a Birth Photographer | Dubai Birth Photographer

I think back to the story of the birth of my first baby, and I know that it was a pivotal moment in my life: not only was I becoming a mother for the very first time, but it was the moment I put my foot on the path that has brought me to where I am today. I always knew I wanted a photographer to cover my labor. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find a Dubai birth photographer that would be able to provide this service for me. This is why I decided to start doing this myself. I am happy to say that I have shot three births in Dubai already, and I am looking forward to shooting many more in the future. If you are considering whether you should hire a birth photographer, look no further. Here are my five main reasons why the answer to this question is a definite YES:

1. It is their story, too!
A lot of times during pregnancy,  and leading up to birth, we focus on mom and baby. We forget that pregnancy and birth are both journeys that affect EVERYONE in the family. The birth of a new baby is the birth of a new mother, father, siblings, grandparents... Don’t forget that this is their story too, how lovely would it be if they all get to be in the pictures too?

2. Major life event
The birth of your child is one of the most eventful, and life changing, days of your life. We always hire photographers to cover birthdays and weddings. How is the birth of a child any different? If anything, it is probably even more special than a wedding. Your baby is the product of your love for your spouse. You will only get ONE chance to birth this very baby, why not make sure you have someone there to document this special time for you?

3. You will forget what took place around you.
At some point, you will inevitably end up in labor La la land. It is a period of intense focus and concentration, where it is just you, your breathing and your baby, working tirelessly to make it to the finish line. This is where a lot of lines get blurred and mothers tend to forget, and are not aware of, what is happening in the room. By hiring a birth photographer, you will not only see what it was like in the room, you will also get to experience it in the same way other members of your family were probably experiencing it as well.

4. Visual gift to your children
Birth photography is a wonderful visual gift to give your children. Don’t just tell your kids the story of their birth, show them what it looked like, what you looked like, what everyone in the room looked like. From the small details, to the big emotional moments. It is a wonderful way to preserve the memory forever.

5. One chance
There is only one shot to capturing the moment you first become a parent, the moment your spouse becomes a parent! Hiring a birth photographer ensures you have professional images that capture all the important moments and emotions. The biggest feedback I get when I speak to many of my clients about birth photography, is how they just WISH they had someone in the room to capture these fleeting moments. 


Sometimes we don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Birth photography is a new, but growing, art form, and I am very happy to be able to provide this service in Dubai. Get in touch with me today, so we can talk about the best options for you and your family!