An Abu Dhabi Birth Story | Dubai Birth Photographer

Getting invited into the operating theatre to shoot a birth is a BIG deal. Specially here in the UAE, where birth photography is still a small, but growing, genre of photography. I'm blessed to say I've shot inside several operating theatres around the country, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and I look forward to shooting many more!

Donne and Wayne welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Luke, into the world in Abu Dhabi, the place they chose to call home. Donne worked really hard to get permission for me to get into the operating theatre, and I eventually did! The only condition the hospital placed on us, is not to share any photos from inside the operating theatre, so unfortunately, I will not be able to show you that part, however, here are some shots from right before and right after :)

Donne and Wayne, thank you so much for trusting me with covering Luke's birth. I hope I did it the justice it deserves, and can't wait to see you three again soon!