A Palm Jumeirah Family Photography Session | Dubai Family Photographer

Oh little girls! How the world is so wonderful just because of little girls! I have two boys myself, so the world of lace, little cute dresses, flowers and frills is all foreign to me in my own home, so when I get to experience it with my clients, I get a little jolt of happiness like they are my own little babies :)

Sara and I worked together before on one of my most favorite shoots ever around two years ago. She was pregnant at the time with her second angel, and we were documenting the transition from 3 to 4 family members. It was a wonderful time! So when I got a call that the grandparents are in town, and the family is up for another shoot, you can just imagine how happy that made me feel!

A shoot that, once again, did not disappoint. I love every shot and can recall every memory looking at these images.

Sara and Rashad, I hope you will love these pictures and the video for many, many years to come. Thank you for re-welcoming me into your home!

A Nigerian Birth Celebration | Dubai Newborn Photographer

Many cultures around the world celebrate the birth of their baby by organizing what is called a Naming Ceremony. It differs in different countries, and even within countries, may differ within families. Working with Rukayya and her family for the second time, I kind of knew what to expect seeing that I’ve documented the arrival of their first birn daughter, Nadine, a couple of years ago.

This time, with the birth of Nadia, Rukayya had chosen to birth and celebrate in Dubai. Her birth took place at Al Zahra hospital and the naming ceremony took place at a beautiful Moroccan restaurant downtown called Bab Al Mansour.

A Naming Ceremony includes the official naming of a child that has been newly welcomed into a family. Parents and significant family members have an opportunity to come forward with declarations of their promises & commitments to raising this new baby. It is a wonderful experience to watch how family members come together to celebrate this brand new life, and wonderful to see how despite being thousands of miles away from home in Nigeria, Rukayya and her family still chose to hold one here in Dubai!

Don’t forget to check out the video below!