Welcome Baby Sara | Dubai Maternity Photographer

Many of my friends tell me that, when building up a family, going from one to two kids is the most difficult transition. You have to learn how to become a new type of parent. It's like your first time all over again except that your heart expands to fit two little souls instead of just one. I bet all parents secretly worry that they would never love their second, third... child as much as they love their first, and I also bet that they are secretly over the moon when they realize that that is just not true. That you can truly love them all. Equally. 

Mariam and Abdulwahab have welcomed their third child together. A ray of sunshine by the name of Sara. I had the good fortune of shooting Mariam's maternity and family photoshoot in Dubai, and was invited back to shoot Sara's first few days at the hospital as well. Here's a little look at our time together.