An Abu Dhabi Birth Story | Dubai Birth Photographer

Getting invited into the operating theatre to shoot a birth is a BIG deal. Specially here in the UAE, where birth photography is still a small, but growing, genre of photography. I'm blessed to say I've shot inside several operating theatres around the country, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and I look forward to shooting many more!

Donne and Wayne welcomed their beautiful baby boy, Luke, into the world in Abu Dhabi, the place they chose to call home. Donne worked really hard to get permission for me to get into the operating theatre, and I eventually did! The only condition the hospital placed on us, is not to share any photos from inside the operating theatre, so unfortunately, I will not be able to show you that part, however, here are some shots from right before and right after :)

Donne and Wayne, thank you so much for trusting me with covering Luke's birth. I hope I did it the justice it deserves, and can't wait to see you three again soon!

The Birth of Reef | Dubai Birth Photographer

The Birth story of little Miss Reef will stay with me, forever. From the very beginning , I knew I had the makings of a very special story. Reef's mommy, Ayesha, is a lover of the ocean, and the very first Marine Biographer I had ever met! Ayesha had her heart set on a water birth, and chose the name Reef because of her love for the Coral Reef. I just found all this attention to detail so incredibly amazing!

As is the process with all my clients, on D-day, Ayesha gave me a call as soon as her contractions began. It was 3:30am. In speaking to her, the contractions seemed to be coming hard, and fast, so I got in my car and started making my way to Abu Dhabi. Little did we all know that this was only just the beginning :) Ayesha labored for three days. The contractions would come then go, get harder then softer, get super close together then space out. The strength and persistence I witnessed in Ayesha while she labored was astounding. Surrounded by the love, prayers and support of her husband and family, Ayesha welcomed her pride and joy little Reef on a beautiful Friday morning, as the call for the midday prayer was going off. It was powerful, and amazing, and unforgettable!