A Birth At Sulaiman Habib Hospital | Dubai Birth Photography

I love the opportunity of covering elective c-sections. It's not every day that you get permission to be welcomed into the operating theatre. When I first started my business as a dubai birth photographer, my very first birth was an elective c-section with twins. It fueled my love and passion for birth and birthing mothers like nothing other. To be honest, it was a healing process for me, because you see, I, too, am a c-section momma, except that I didn't exactly elect my c-section. So, the opportunity to stand behind my lens, and look at just how much beauty was unfolding in front of my eyes, and the overflow of emotions associated with that, mended my heart bit by bit. 

This birth was no different. Yasmeen gave birth at Sulaiman Habib Hospital - home to some of the kindest midwives and hospital staff I have ever encountered in the city. Thank you Dr. George Michailidis for allowing me to join you on this, and thank you to the wonderful hospital staff as well.

Yasmeen, it was an honor and privilege to be with you on this big day, and I can't wait to work with you again in the future!

The Birth of Sanad | Dubai Birth Photography

As a mother who went through a c-section myself, when Kseniia contacted me to cover the birth of her second baby, I was over the moon at the fact that she was trying for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Csection) Many people falsely assume that just because you had one csection, it is guaranteed that you will always have to do that, which is not true. 

I watched Kseniia labor so gracefully and when it was time for Sanad to make his entrance into the world, I watched Kseniia ROCK her VBAC! As usual, my tears were flowing; the energy in the room was stupendous!


..can I say that again? I LOVE BIRTH!

Here's looking at a small sample of her incredible story. Thank you Kseniia for allowing me to be there on this amazing day!