The Twins Turn One! | Dubai Family Photographer

I'm a total sucker for birthdays, and when it's twins, you know it's doubly fun! 

Ayla and Abdulkader turned one this past October, and although they will probably never really remember this first birthday, I'm so happy Rim decided to hire me as a family photographer here in Dubai, because Ayla and Abdulkader will be able to see just how loved, adored and blessed they are to be surrounded by so many people who love them and love their parents.

Thank you for allowing me to be there to share in your joy! And I look forward to many more beautiful times together!

Sharing Saturday: Three is definitely not a crowd! | Family Photography Dubai

I had the pleasure of shooting this incredible family earlier this month. The session was a gift for Khaled from his lovely wife, Nada. Now, if you know me, you know that I am a "mom of boys" (with one boy, bless him) and I've always loved the idea of being a mom of boys. That is until I met Life, Light and Laughter (quite literally! These little girls' names in Arabic are Hayat, Nour and Farah, which translate to the above.. I love when parents put thought into names!)

These three princesses blew me away with their sweetness, with their openness and with their good nature. Well done Nada and Khaled for raising such strong, polite, confident little girls. Bless their hearts. It was also very heartwarming to see how much their older siblings, Dania and Adnan (pictured here,) love on them!

Thank you for inviting me into your home, and I can not wait to see you all again really soon!