Hello Baby Boy! | Dubai Newborn Photographer

Welcoming a brand new baby into your home is no small feat. I can think of two such occasions, first, when the baby is your first born; you feel clueless and in disbelief that anyone allowed you to even leave the hospital with a new baby in your arms. The second I think is welcoming your second born. Somehow the transition of going from one kid to two kids is really overwhelming. You’re not quite sure how to integrate your new family, how your first born feels or how they will react, and how your identity as parents to more than one child will finally shape up to be.

I have to say coming back to see Sanam and her family rock their new family structure has been such a pleasure. Don’t forget to check out the video to get a glimpse of their Fresh 48 session that I shared with you guys in this previous post!

Baby Rayan's Stylish Newborn Session | Dubai Newborn Photography Session

I loved shooting in Haya and Ugo’s home! I love it when I walk into a couple’s first family home and see that they actually thought out the simple things like the wall paper, the paint color or even the paintings on the wall. To be honest, I couldn’t expect any less from Haya, seeing as she is one of Dubai’s most stylish ladies. Haya runs HFA consultancy, an ultra luxury brand consultancy specializing in PR and client relations.

It was very important for Haya that we capture little Rayan’s first few days at home, his little reactions, all his newborn features, the amount of love that Haya and Ugo have in their hearts for him. The video we made together was essential in bringing this message together, and it is truly one of my favorite that I’ve shot to date!