An Abu Dhabi Newborn Session | Abu Dhabi Newborn Photographer

Who else is a major sucker for babies? I just LOVE babies; their innocence, their positive disposition to life, their easy laugh and their sparkling eyes. Major baby fever here, I know, but you can’t blame me, I’m pregnant. It’s probably a good idea I enjoy being an Abu Dhabi newborn photographer!

This session will forever go down in the books for me, and I will be grateful for that day for the rest of my days… it is exactly because of this Abu Dhabi newborn photo session that I can pinpoint the exact moment I found out I was pregnant with our second baby, thanks to our beautiful furry friend, Tessie (you can see her beautiful face if you scroll all the way down)

Egla and Olana, thank you for trusting me with little Raphy’s very first newborn session! I hope you continue to document your beautiful family as the days and years go by xo

Press play for the video and then scroll down for some shots from this session

Why At-Home Family Photography Sessions Are So Important | Dubai Family Photography

I started off my professional photography journey as a Dubai family photographer doing outdoor photoshoots. I’m a sucker for natural light and just love being outdoor capturing families in beautiful sunlight. But really, most of my practice happens indoor. I am a mom, first and foremost, and I spend a lot of time with my family. Photography is naturally a big part of my life and as I started offering more in-home sessions, starting with newborn sessions and expanding to cover families of all shapes and sizes, I fell in love, and I fell hard! To the point that, now, I absolutely 100% prefer doing an in-home session rather than navigating the crowds outdoor to capture that pretty light.

Why? Because in-home photography is the perfect way to capture a family exactly how they are. The pictures will always, always be unique; each family’s home is guaranteed to look different than anyone else’s. It is meaningful and it is relaxed; people are more comfortable in their own zone, and to be quite honest, for me, I love the challenge of finding the pretty light in the little nooks and corners of a family’s home.

One of the things I’ve noticed most moms really appreciate about in-home sessions, is that there is very little coordination involved. As a mom, you won’t need to pack up all of your things to go anywhere. You don’t even have to be on time to meet your photographer at a location in the middle of nowhere. Your family can just relax and be themselves while being captured authentically.

Below are some of my favorite in-home sessions that I photographed over the past year. I can come back mentally to each and every one of those moments, and I know I will surely always cherish them!