A Nigerian Princess is Born | Dubai Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer

Rukayya and Sufyan welcomed their second baby girl, Nadine, two years after the birth of their first child, Nadia. You would remember seeing Nadia for when I covered her Fresh 48 and naming ceremony that took place in Abu Dhabi at that time.

Being reunited with the family once again to cover this momentous occasion was a true honor, its always such a great feeling knowing that your repeat clients trust your skills as a Dubai Family Photographer to capture such essential moments in their family’s history. This Fresh 48 story is no different. This time Rukayya decided she didn’t want to stay in Abu Dhabi for the birth of her baby girl, and wanted to follow her OBGYN and birth at Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai. Speaking of her experience, Rukayya said it was nothing short of wonderful and that she was very happy making that decision. I think one of the most important aspects of a successful delivery is the level of comfort and confidence a birthing mother has with her birthing team and the people she surrounds herself with, so kudos to you Rukayya for not being afraid to venture out of Abu Dhabi and for making the journey to Dubai to welcome your baby girl into the world!

Check out the video for this session in next week’s post!

Welcoming Baby Adam | Dubai Newborn Photographer

Welcoming a new baby into the family is always a celebration worth commemorating. When Lara contacted me in October wanting to hire a Dubai newborn photographer to document her first child's first moments after birth, we quickly scheduled a coffee meet up to get to know each other and plan out the session. Lara, like me, grew up in the UAE, and calls the UAE home. Her little boy Adam doesn't know it yet, but he was born into two awesome families that truly love and respect one another, and I couldn't wait to be around that amazing energy. And when the time came for that, I wasn't disappointed!

Born at Al Zahra hospital, Adam was welcomed by his parents, both sets of grandparents and his uncle, who all were present at this session while we filmed some of his very first moments. If you know me, you know I love working with groups, and Lara's family did not disappoint. We had an awesome time, and I hope that you can sense that by looking at the beautiful images we were able to make together that day.