An Abu Dhabi Baby | Dubai Maternity and Baby Photoshoot

Sometimes waiting till the very last minute to have a maternity photoshoot isn't such a bad idea. Why? Because when it comes time to receive your maternity and newborn photos you have the wonderful opportunity to have them all edited and presented together :)

That's exactly what happened with my beautiful sessions here with lovely mommy, Bhavna! 

We met at a beautiful spot near Saadiyat Island and spent some time making memories of their last trip to the ocean as a family of two, and a few days after, Bhavna went into labor and welcomed her beautiful baby daughter, Aathirah. 

What I love about these maternity and baby photoshoots is the beautiful opportunity to see the before and after transformation that families go through. 

Thank you for this lovely time we spent together! And I can't wait to reunite with you again soon!



Welcome Baby Amaya | Dubai Baby Photographer

This is part two of my session with Zaura, who booked my favorite package (only second to Birth, of course :), the Maternity and Newborn combo package! I always get really excited when I get to see sessions come full circle. Click here to see Zaura's amazing Maternity session, and how we decided to switch things up and shoot more lifestyle for the newborn session.

Shooting newborns is not an easy task, and I have major respect for all photographers who do that on a daily basis. Not only do you first have to get past your oooohhh's and aaahh's and lovey dovey eyes enough to focus on actually taking pictures (ehem, totally guilty of that..hey! I love babies! Can't help it!) but you also have to work around their temperaments. Babies love to eat, sleep, poop, cry and repeat, and during lifestyle sessions all of this stuff happens, and then some :) so I always like to remind my families to just go with the flow of the baby, not to have too high expectations of the baby "performing" to their expectations. Trust the process, trust your photographer, and watch the magic happen :) With that said, baby Amaya was a true rockstar. Don't believe me? Check her out for yourself!