Four Reasons | Dubai Family Photographer

I've been thinking a lot lately about passion and purpose. Finding passion and living up to purpose. Sometimes, it takes people a whole lifetime to figure this out. Other times, people are lucky and stumble upon the beginning of this thread really early on in their journey. I personally think as we grow and evolve so does our purpose in life, and that it is important to always surround ourselves with people that are a positive influence on our lives, and our journey, in order to help us reveal our passion. In choosing to embrace photography, I embarked on a fascinating journey. Finding the strength to walk away from what I once was, is frankly a move that is long overdue.

Today, I wanted to share with you 4 things that are special to me about photography:

1. Have you ever been so lost in the moment that you no longer worried about anything else that is happening around you? Photography, to me, is like meditation. When I'm behind my lens, all that matters is living that feeling of pure happiness as I watch the moments unfold. 

2. I'm a big believer in energy. Good energy brings good energy, bad energy brings bad. Finding a subject you are passionate about and focusing on it, choosing how you want to represent it, often reflects how we feel about life, our sensitivities, affections and what type of stories we want to tell, even when we don't always have the words to tell them - you know the expression, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

3. Choosing to photograph people is truly a give and take process. You have to give a lot to get a lot, go out of your comfort zone, and even become vulnerable when things don't go as you may like. But the more you put into it, the more you're bound to get out of it. Work wise, quality, energy and reward. 

4. As long as I have a camera in my hands, I feel that I have an outlet into new avenues, experiences and excitement. The feeling of calm or sometimes excitement when I know I'm about to uncover something grand is indescribable. I truly believe that with photography as your companion, you have the opportunity to never really be alone. 

I hope you enjoyed these little reflections on photography. Have a great weekend!