Take-Away Tuesday: Park and Beach fun. Finally! | Outdoor Family Photographer

We've been spending a lot of time outdoor this week. The weather has FINALLY started becoming more tolerable, making trips to the beach and park a welcome activity. Our favorite place to hang out lately has definitely been Umm Suqeim park. I have to admit, I'm a big Barsha Pond Park fan, and specially around The Ripe Market season, but Umm Suqeim is a welcome change, and being so close to the beach is a definite plus! 

Dubai Ladies Club has, in my opinion, one of the nicest beaches in Dubai. The folks over there have done a good job with renovating parts of the club, and from the looks of it, there is more on the way. I'm not sure if it is the privacy or the general atmosphere, but we love it there! Beachella is on at the moment every Friday and Saturday between October 14-29, which is definitely worth checking out. They've got cabanas, a lovely beach swing, which I can tell you B thoroughly enjoyed :) a DJ, tanning bars, beach bbq, food trucks and much more! There's a lot more going on there, and you can check out what they've got on offer by clicking here.