The Birth of Reef | Dubai Birth Photographer

The Birth story of little Miss Reef will stay with me, forever. From the very beginning , I knew I had the makings of a very special story. Reef's mommy, Ayesha, is a lover of the ocean, and the very first Marine Biographer I had ever met! Ayesha had her heart set on a water birth, and chose the name Reef because of her love for the Coral Reef. I just found all this attention to detail so incredibly amazing!

As is the process with all my clients, on D-day, Ayesha gave me a call as soon as her contractions began. It was 3:30am. In speaking to her, the contractions seemed to be coming hard, and fast, so I got in my car and started making my way to Abu Dhabi. Little did we all know that this was only just the beginning :) Ayesha labored for three days. The contractions would come then go, get harder then softer, get super close together then space out. The strength and persistence I witnessed in Ayesha while she labored was astounding. Surrounded by the love, prayers and support of her husband and family, Ayesha welcomed her pride and joy little Reef on a beautiful Friday morning, as the call for the midday prayer was going off. It was powerful, and amazing, and unforgettable!