Waiting for Alessandra Sofia | Dubai Family Photographer

I met up with Sara, Rashad and Alea on a warm, Dubai afternoon. The sun was setting beautifully into their living room, filling the space with an ethereal quality that I absolutely adore. Although I've learned to love, appreciate and embrace all types of light as a Dubai family photographer, the golden hour is still one of my favorite, specially when it shines indoor.

Sara and Rashad were expecting their second child, a daughter who they would go on to name Alessandra Sofia. We spent a couple of hours together documenting their last session as a family of three. Soon, Alea would step into her role as big sister, and things would forever be changed. 

The idea was to make cupcakes together in the kitchen, and boy oh boy was that fun to watch! I felt like a proud mom watching Alea flourish while taking part in this activity! She absolutely LOVED it and ROCKED it! And I loved that she was having fun. She's a total natural, I tell you. I wouldn't be surprised if we hear baking is in this little wonder girl's future!

Guys, congratulations on the safe arrival of your bundle of joy! And I can't wait to see you all again, but this time as a beautiful family of four!

..and here are the images!