About Lana


I grew up in the United Arab Emirates. In a, then, small city called Al-Ain. My childhood was filled with activities, and people.. music.. and action! I grew up loving stories; I always loved telling stories, loved seeing the world from other peoples' perspectives, and found photography at a very young age. I really don't remember not owning a camera. Ever. If it wasn't me, it was my parents, but I would always take over. This love for documenting stories has grown in me, and with every family I shoot today, I work hard to tell their individual stories and to turn them into beautiful images that they will live to cherish for a lifetime.

My aim is to capture your story in the most beautiful of lights. Details both big and small. I want you to laugh and cry when you look at your photos. Whether it's your first photoshoot as a family, your engagement day, or your babies growing up. Time goes by incredibly quickly. 

My intention is to document your story.. and to do it beautifully.

Lana photographs dubai family photographer couple holding hands