Authentic and Unscripted.

Real life is the new family portrait.


I am so glad you found me! If you're anything like me, you know that photography is a true gift to mankind. There are many mediums for expression in art, why did I choose photography? Well, it's simple. Because it's the best way I know to preserve the memories of life.


Because I always want to remember the now.


The days may seem like they go on forever, but the years are quickly slipping by. One day your child is an infant and the next they are off to college, and you sit there wondering where did the time go. I know that, for sure, one day you will want to look back and not only remember the milestones, but also the little things in life, and
photography is the answer. Photography will help you bring it all back. 


You are beautiful. Your life is beautiful. Let me show you what I see.


Lana Abu-Shaheen is a professional family photographer and birth photographer who is passionate about authentically chronicling the dynamics of family life: from the fleeting moments of pregnancy, to the miracle of birth, the joyful memories of early childhood and family milestones, down to the simple moments of every day life. 

Her aim is to document moments and emotions, both big and small that you will live to treasure for a lifetime.

Lana is a Dubai based family photographer and is available for travel across the United Arab Emirates.

dubai glamour photographer lady holding a rose behind her back
dubai birth photographer newborn at operating room cesarean section in Dubai
dubai newborn photographer newborn baby yawning
dubai family photographer mother and child playing by the window
dubai family photographer father throwing his little girl in the air
dubai family photographer Family of four having a beautiful moment under the trees with the sun shining through the leaves
dubai maternity photographer pregnant woman in the desert of dubai
dubai family photographer little boy on a swing in Dubai
dubai birth photographer mother breastfeeding baby for first time
dubai birth photographer older sister meeting new sibling
dubai newborn photographer baby wearing mother and father rings around his big toes
dubai newborn photographer father snuggles his newborn baby on his chest
dubai family photographer toddler runs in the street with yellow ball in his hand
dubai family photographer family of four cuddling in the sand



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