Super Saturday: Beauty | Dubai Glamour Photographer

You know how they say everyone sees things from their own perspective? And how, when it comes to looking at ourselves, we tend to have a very harsh or judgmental outlook. Well, one day you will look back and you will realize that you really were beautiful. That those lines didn't actually exist, and that your face was, indeed, fresh and youthful. Now imagine pairing that experience with a beautiful glamour portrait session. No need to convince me, because I'm sure you've got the secret for the best confidence-boosting recipe that can ever be conjured up.

 This is why I love what I do. I love being behind the camera lens and showing people how I view them. How beautiful they really are. How their eyes squint when they smile, or how they hold up their hands to cover their mouths when they laugh so loud they are quite sure people can see their back teeth! Yes. I really, really love that about photography. And even better is the wide-eyed wonder-type response I get from people when they view their images for the first time. Sara was no exception. Thank you Sara for your trust and for your friendship.