The Birth of Sanad | Dubai Birth Photography

As a mother who went through a c-section myself, when Kseniia contacted me to cover the birth of her second baby, I was over the moon at the fact that she was trying for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Csection) Many people falsely assume that just because you had one csection, it is guaranteed that you will always have to do that, which is not true. 

I watched Kseniia labor so gracefully and when it was time for Sanad to make his entrance into the world, I watched Kseniia ROCK her VBAC! As usual, my tears were flowing; the energy in the room was stupendous!


..can I say that again? I LOVE BIRTH!

Here's looking at a small sample of her incredible story. Thank you Kseniia for allowing me to be there on this amazing day!